Saturday, November 10, 2012

Honda Jazz Motif Dragon Ball-Z

INDONESIA - passion in the art world by trying to apply his favorite mounts. It was shown by Bobby Chan try that carries styles in Japan Street Racing car. 
Cartoon Dragon Ball-Z be an option to decorate the exterior of the 2008 Jazz alerts. Jazz is one of 24 finalists Jazz Tuning Contest 8 that appeared in Central Park, Jakarta, 8-11 November 2012. 
Entrepreneurs whose body was covered in tattoos was admitted in the cultivation of cutting sticker takes a relatively short time. That's because JTC8 execution time is getting closer. 
"Since this project is also accelerated impromptu then ngerjainnya. Should be three days a week but. Originally I wanted to build my design because one of the Yakuza fans, but because time is very tight so the idea that there are only directly applicable as well as possible," he explained. 
Furthermore, he was born in Solo's hoping his car out as a winner in the category of best sticker. "We're chasing the title of Best Cutting Sticker. Hopefully it can be," he hoped. 
Not just playing stickers, Bobby also apply hatchback body kit to look more sporty five-door. It can be seen on the front and rear bumpers and body side. 
While the cabin space, not too much change. Jok coated with standard factory-made synthetic kilit MBtech. In addition, changes in the audio system to be the main focus in the interior. 
Head unit factory default is retained. In order for the resulting sound was more then 2 units ngebass Grandeur 12-inch subwoofer and speakers Myth as a solution. 
- Front bumper: No custom hybrid bleese 
- Rear bodykit: Last station custom 
- Side skirts: Last station 
- Full doff anime cutting sticker

The legs: 

- Per: Tanabe DS
 - Wheels: BBS RS 18 inch repaint 
- Tires: Achilles


- Power monoblock: Venom 
- Power 4 channel: Venom 
- Sub woofer: Grandeur 12 inch x 2 
- Speaker: Myth x 2


- Costum header- Costum piping 
- Costum muffler


- Seat: Custom MBtech

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